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53rd SAM Champs Eldorado Dry Lake in Boulder City Nevada, dates October 17-21 2022
This page also contains Historical SAM Champs Results.

Location- Eldorado Dry Lake, Boulder City, Nevada. Where in Nevada
The Hotel of Choice and now negotiations for price are finished just waiting to sign contract- Quality Inn, Boulder City. Group room rate including hot breakfast - $89 per night. The conference center is being remodeled into a dining room, but the manager will work with us for meetings. And so will the Boulder City Library. The front desk is ready to take reservations, please mention that it is for the Champs and you will get the group rate. The phone is :702-293-6444
SAM Champs 2022 Social Schedule - see here
53rd SAM Champs, Registration and Payment - Registration Payment form here
RC CD will be none other than Tom Boice, and helpers --TBD.
Electric RC CD is Jack Hiner
FF CD will be Mike Richardson - 4615 Estate Ranch St. Las Vegas, NV.89031 - Email here - cell 317-435-3427
SAM Champs Contest Manager - Al Heinriich
SAM champs RC Events Schedule - (re-posted 13jul2022 2 changes in Red)
Concors de Elegance will be run by Richard Dick and Bob Galler. - Concors Entry form here
The Registrar will provisionally be Dave Meriwether. Dave, has ably done the registrar job many times. He will have an assistant and do so remotely. We will probably have mugs and caps, but not shirts.
Sanction - AMA 12457
Extra Added Attraction- The SAM Board, and CM has approved that for this SAM Champs, in the RC events, models published, kitted or made public up to the end of 1962 will be added. The exception will be Pure Antique and Texaco events (Fuel or Electric). No other rule book changes such as more modern gas engines are allowed. Otherwise what was in the original design are permitted. Of course questions will come up for some models, such as take- off etc. These will be addressed .
Latest Rule Book, Applicable to Free Flight and Radio Control - See here
Hall of Fame (HOF) Recipients for the 2022 SAM Champs
Historical SAM Champs Results (work in progress by your WebMaster)    
Year Radio Controll Free Flight Concourse de egance Location
2022 RC Results FF Results ?   53rd. Champs Eldorado Dry Lake, NV
2021 RC Results Can't find FF Results Concours Results 51st. Champs
2020 Link Link Link 52nd. Champs, Muncie, IN
2019 RC Results FF Results?   51st.
2018 All Results   50th. Champs, Muncie, IN
2017 RC Results FF Results Concours Results 49th.Champs, Boulder City, NV
2016 RC Results FF Results   48th.
2015 RC Results FF Results   # Champs, Boulder City, NV
2014 RC Results FF Results Perpetual Trophies Awards # Champs, Muncie, IN
2013 RC Results FF Results   # Champs, Boulder City, NV
2012 RC Results FF Results   # Champs, Muncie, IN
2011 RC Results FF Results    
2010 RC Results FF Results   # Champs, Muncie, IN
2009 RC Results FF Results Grand Champ and Perpetual Trophy Winners #
2008 2008. RC Results 2008 FF Results Grand Chapions RC - FF # Champs, Muncie, IN
2007 All Results Pictures by Hal Wightman Pics by -Mike.M - Champs Winners # Champs, Las Vegas, NV
2006 2006 RC index 2006 FF index Grand Champions # Champs, Muncie, IN
2005 Link to all results Grand C. & Perp. Trophies # Champs, Las Vegas, NV
2004 Link to all results Grand Cham. & Perp. Trophies # Champs, Muncie, IN
2003 2003 RC Link 2003 FF Link Grand Cham. & Perp. Trophies # Champs, Claremore OK,
2002 2002 Champs RC 2002 Champs FF Grand Cham. & Perp. Trophies # Champs, Muncie, IN
2001 RC Results FF Results Grand Chanps. and Concours # Champs, Las Vegas, NV
2000 All Results Grand C. and Perp. Trophies # Champs Pensacola, FL
1999 Index of all results Grand C. and Perp. Trophies # Champs Champs Muskogee, OK
1998 Index of RC results 1998 all FF Results & Pics. RC Ignition and Glow Points Summary # Champs Muncie, IN
1997 Index RC Results Index FF Results High Point Champions 31st. Champs Las Vegas, NV
1996 RC Results FF Results Reports and Pictures 30th. Champs Pensacola, FL
1995 RC Results FF Results Some Pictures 30th, Champs Colorado Springs, CO
1994 RC Results FF Results   28th, Champs, Muncie, IN
1993 RC Results FF Results   27th. Champs, Taft, CA
1992 Link, Both RC and FF   26th. Champs, Lawrenceville, IL
1991 RC Results FF Results RC Champs Points 25rd. Champs, Jean, NV
1990 Link, Both RC and FF   24th. Champs, Lawrenceville, IL
1989 Link, to all Results, RC and FF   23rd. Champs, Jean, NV
1988 Link, Both RC and FF   22nd Champs, Lawrenceville, IL
1987 Link, Both RC and FF   21st. Champs, Sequin, TX
1986 Link, Both RC and FF   20th. Champs, Chicopee, MA
1985 Link, Both RC and FF   19th. Champs Madera, CA
1984 Link, Both RC and FF   18th. Champs, Bong Field, Kenosha, WI.
1983 RC Results FF Results Perpetual Trophy Awards 17th Champs, La Juna, CO.
1982 RC Results FF Results   16th. Champs, Chicopee, MA.
1981 RC REsults FF Results   15th. Champs, Taft CA.
1980 RC Results and Pics. FF Results Grand Champions 14th. Champs, Dayton, OH.  
1979       13th. Champs, Salt lake City, UT.  
1978       12th. Champs, Saddle Brook, NJ, Coyle Air Attack Base  
1977 RC Results FF Results Speal Events and Perp. Tropfhies 11th. Champs, Las Vegas, NV  
1976       10th. Champs, Dayton, OH  
1975       9th. Champs, Denver, CO  
1974       8  
1973       7  
1972 1972 Champs All Results 1972 Champs Some Pictures 6th. Champs, Bong Field , WI.  
1971       5th. Champs, Denver, CO.  
1970       4th. Champs, Taft, CA. needs to be checked  







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