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Updated 02-Dec-2022
SAM Committee - Advertising Manager Position is Open - Contact the SAM President here
NEW EDITOR Don DeLoach is now SAM's Int'l SAMSpeaks Editor You can Email Don from here
SAM 1788 41st. Old Timer Champs - 5 to 9th April, 2023, West Whyalong, NSW - Entry Form - 2023 Comp, Calendar
SAM 55 - AVANZ Newsletter Association of Vintage Aeromodellers of NZ - Newsletter #193 - Permanetly located News Letters
2022 SAM Champs _ RC Result - FF Results to come _ (posted 1dec2022)
SAM 13 Scamps/Hanger Rash - Newsletter Dec. 2022 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page
SAM 21, Clipper (Offical N/L of the BlackJack Club), Newsletter Nov 2022 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
2023 Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships - 14Jan. to 16Jan. 2023, - Eloy, Arizona - SAM RC Entry Form - AMA Entry Form - FAI Entry Form - General Info. Form - SWR WebSite - (posted 23nov2022)
Here is the announcement of the Dave Lacey / Tom Kerr Memorial Meet at Barron Field November 5-6. - Andrew Barron Directions and nearby hotels - see flyer here - (posted 19oct2022)
Tandy Walker's new electric project is the "Aerotan Biplane" of about 36inch span, see his progress here (posted 4nov2022)
AMNews - Aust. Mod. News-Issue-78_Oct2022 - by John Lamont - Permanetly located at Newslestters
The Australian Thermaleer Newsletter TAT 2021-012 Combined Aus. Chapters 600+1788+1993+270+84 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page
Harvest Classic FF, "this weekend" - For those of us coming to the Harvest Classic Free Flight Meet this weekend in New York, I wish to update us on the conditions. The weather forecast looks great. Light wind from the South West both days. - Final.Final Schedule
SAM 27, 47th Crash and Bash - October 7, 8 and 9th - Schmidt Ranch, CA. - Details here - (posted 8sep2022)
SAM Int'l Champs at The Eldorado Dry Lake , Boulder City, Nevada - Go to SAM Champs page for all details - 2022 Social Schedule -FreeFlight DC announced here
52nd Annual!!! Great Grape Gathering 2022 Free Flight Contest - It has just come to my attention that the rules around E-20 as published in our latest GGG flier for 2022 are not in line with the latest version of the NFFS rules.  As such, please be advised that the limit of 160 maH for the battery in such models will not apply.  The revised schedule for the contest is attached
Hi Everybody: - I put together this short Inventory of quipment from Ralph Ray (Note: items reside in Boulevard CA) he is trying to dispose of. I believe there is a lot more there than what is shown on the document attached. Maybe there is something there that would make someone's day if they knew they could get it cheap or for free. - Thanks - Clint - see list here (posted aug2022)
SAM 62, (Italy) - Newsletter #195 2022 - Permanetly located at - News Letters
52nd Annual!!! Great Grape Gathering 2022 Free Flight Contest - Quinquagenary Event Schedule – September 9 - 11, 2022 - National Warplane Museum Airfield, Geneseo, Ny. - Roy’s note here
SAM Int'l style contest at Sacramento Valley Soaring Society (Davis, Ca), Aug 20th - details here - From Mike Clancy - (posted 2aug2022)
SAM 62, (Italy), Hi Trevor,  as usual, I am sending you two files which are the videos of Eurosamchamps 2022, which we managed to organize after two years of detention,  to the international problem of COVID. I ask you if you kindly make them available to fans of O.T. models, by inserting the links in the News letter. I hope it pleases many. - Video - Photographs - from Tiziano Bortolai (posted 29jul2022)
NEW Important Notice from Jay Burkart Chairman of the Electric Rules committee regarding the New and only source of the Speed 400 motors. - Read Details (NOTE this is a NEW post (dated26jul2022)
Histocial Comet data added to Vendors - (posted 26jul2020)
See New SAM Int'l on Facebook - Links added to the opening page
SAM 2001 L’Aqualone - Tomboy Rally International Postal Contest - 01/jul/2022 to 30/jun/2023 - Details here - Plan here - (posted 18jul2022)
NSW FF Soc. Scale over West Wyalong, Adrian Bryant Field, 5-6 November, 2022 -
Adrians Model Aero Engines site is well worth a visit. See it here (posted 30jul20220)
Dave Acton Annual Contest June 25th and 26th - a Short Memorial Service for Dave Acton, June 25th at 1:00 PM. - Flying schedule here - (posted 20jun2022)
New Chapter Coordinator - Glen Poole hase taken over from Tommy Gray, Contact Glen here regarding New Chapters (posted may2022)
A Tribute to Lee Hines by BobGaller - (Poster 20Apr2022)
SAM2001, (Italy), L'Aquilone - Newsletter, AQ107 2020 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
NSW Aus. Free Flight Soiety, 2022 16th April, Easter, Scramble during the 1788 SAM Champs - Details here
SAM62, (Italy) - Newsletter #194 2022 - Permanetly located at - News Letters
2022 NWM Series Announcements - 2022 NWM Roy's Series Announcement - 2022 NWM Series 2022 ESFFC2022 REL00 - 2022 NWM Series 2022 Great Grape Gatering - 2022 NWM Series 2022 Pirate Challenge 2022 REL00 - (posted 19feb2022)
SAM1788, 40th, Championships now at West Wyalong, NSW, Oct 21-23 2022, - Program Entry Form - Note from SAM 1788 Secretary - Shirt Order - (posted 16feb2022)
SAM26, Coastal Flyer, Historical Newsletters only - See here - Permanetly located at News Letters- (posted 06feb2022)
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