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Updated 01-Jul-2022
SAM Committee - Advertising Manager Position is Open - Contact the SAM President here
SAM Committee - 2021 Annual SAM Champs Manager -Tom Boice
Important Notice from Jay Burkart Chairman Electric Rules committee regarding the New source of Speed 400 motor and Wakefield motors - Read Details (posted 8jan2022)
SAM13 Scamps Newsletter Jul2022 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page
Adrians Model Aero Engines site is well worth a visit. See it here (posted 30jul20220
The Australian Thermaleer Newsletter TAT 2021-011 Combined Aus. Chapters 600+1788+1993+270+84 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page
Dave Acton Annual Contest June 25th and 26th - a Short Memorial Service for Dave Acton, June 25th at 1:00 PM. - Flying schedule here - (posted 20jun2022)
AMNews - Aust. Mod. News-Issue-76_Junr2022 - by John Lamont - Permanetly located at Newslestters
SAM champs RC Events Schedule From Tom B (posted 6jun2022) Permanetly located at SAM Champs page
SAM21, (CA) Clipper (Offical N/L of the BlackJack Club), Newsletter May 2022 - Permanetly located at Newsletters

New Chapter Coordinator - Glen Poole hase taken over from Tommy Gray, Contact Glen here regarding New Chapters (posted may2022)

SAM13, SCAMPS - Newsletter, May. 2022 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
A Tribute to Lee Hines by BobGaller - (Poster 20Apr2022)
The SAM Champs for 2022 will be held at the Eldorado Dry Lake in Boulder City Nevada, dates October 17-21 - Champs WebPage can can be seen here and Registration and payment details here - (posted 4Apr2022)
SAM 55 - AVANZ Newsletter Association of Vintage Aeromodellers of NZ - Newsletter #189 - Permanetly located News Letters
SAM2001, (Italy), L'Aquilone - Newsletter, AQ107 2020 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
2022 16th April, Easter, NSW Free Flight Soiety, Scramble during the 1788 SAM Champs - Details here
Tandy Walker's - Veco Pursuit, 53inch, Electric, Aerobatic, RC Model - now has 117 reports -(posted 11aprr2022)
SAM62, (Italy) - Newsletter #194 2022 - Permanetly located at - News Letters
2022 NWM Series Announcements - 2022 NWM Roy's Series Announcement - 2022 NWM Series 2022 ESFFC2022 REL00 - 2022 NWM Series 2022 GREAT GRAPE GATHERING - 2022 NWM Series 2022 Pirate Challenge 2022 REL00 - (posted 19feb2022)
SAM1788, 40th, Championships now at West Wyalong NSW, - Program Entry Form - Note from SAM 1788 Secretary - Shirt Order - (posted 16feb2022)
SAM26, Coastal Flyer, Historical Newsletters only - See here - Permanetly located at News Letters- (posted 06feb2022)
From Tiziano Bortolai of SAM62, Photographs of latest build a "Flging Pencil by Australian Alan King", a design from the 1950's - Pic 1 - Pic 2 - Pic 3 - Pic 4 - Pic 5 - (Posted 26jan2022)
From Tiziano Bortolai - Video clip of the O/T Etna Granf Prix 4 and 5th Dec 2021 (posted 16dec2021)
2021 Sep-Nov - Frank Ehling International 1/2A Postal Texaco Challenge hosted by SAM 114 of Western Ohio, invites SAM Chapters to compete in the 2021 Challenge. - Details here - (posted Jul2021)
From Tiziano Bortolai - Attached is a link to an event that took place in Italy last Sunday. - I hope it will brighten the vision to O.T. friends. - "Memorial Canestraro" Old timer Race - Aviosuperfice Valle Gaffaro - Codigoro - (posted July 2021)
Fron Tiziano Bortolai SAM62 Italy. - I am attaching the link to Eurosamchamps that we organized in Italy in 2019 on the Aguscello airfield near the city of Ferrara. - (posted Mar2021
Do you have photos with captions or articles of interest to SAM members? send them to Editor/Publisher Roland Friestad and/or Webman Trevor Boundy
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