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Updated 29-Nov-2023
SAM Committee - Advertising Manager Position is Open - Contact the SAM President here
SAM 13 Scamps/Hanger Rash/Gas Lines - Newsletter Dec 2023 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page - (Posted 26Oct2023)
2024 SAM Southwest Regionals, 13 to 15th January - Event Schedule here - (posted 25nov2023)
Note I am retiring as WebMaster of SAM Int'l, Lubo Hmcar will be creating a new Modernised W/P, There will be a gadual handover to the new W/S, and i will endeavour to keep you informed via links as these incrimenal changes are made, Ths first change is that Tandy's Building Reports are now only located at SAM Talk web site, Regards Trevor Boundy - (posted 17nov2023) - And all "First issues 1971 to 1996" of SAM Speaks no only located at - SAM Speaks without a Login
A note from Paolo Rossi - Dear friends, Cesare De Robertis ( former publisher of the MODELLISMO italian magazine, now discontinued ) did it again.
He published a new book about OLD TIMERS - GAS POWERED MODELS fm 1932 to 1950 which includes the plans that can be downloaded scale 1:1 from the following websites :
The book is edited in Italian (but english version is coming soon) and can be purchased at this Amazon address:-
Happy reading and warm greetings to everyone. Paolo Rossi - Cover - Index01 - Index02
SAM 21, Clipper, (Offical N/L of the BlackJack Club) - Nwesletter Oct 2023 - Permanetly located News Letters - (posted 14oct2023)
It is time for member input regarding 2025 SAM Rules Cycle. - (Posted11nov2023)
Please contact these reps with your suggestions /requests
The current Rulebook Master here - 2nd Printing April 2015

RC in general Rules - Bob Angel
RC Electric Rules - Jay Burkart
RC Fuel Rules- Mike Clancy or Tom Boice
Free Flight Rules - Allen Heinrich
SAM Int'l. 53rd Champs, Fort Wane ID - Results - (posted 14oct2023) - Permanetly located at Contest Results
SAM 27 Frank Ehling International 1/2 A Texaco Postal Callenge 2023 - Here - (posted 14nov2023)
SAM 55 - AVANZ Newsletter Association of Vintage Aeromodellers of NZ - Newsletter #198 - Permanetly located News Letters
SAM 62, (Italy) - Newsletter #198 2023 - Permanetly located at - News Letters
SAM 18, World Championships, June 2024 Jun 23-27, Hungary, Jakabszállás, Hosted by SAM 5, - Invite - Rules - (Posted 7jul2023) - For details contact---László Török
The Australian Thermaleer TAT Newsletter 2023-015 Combined Aus. Chapters 600+1788+1993+270+84 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page
SAM 18 Poland, Newsletter #2 - See here - Permanetly located at Newsletters page - (Posted 27jul2023)
Aust.Model News - AMN-Issue-81_Apr2023 - by John Lamont - Permanetly located at Newslestters
SAM 2001, (Italy), L'Aquilone - Newsletter, AQ108 2023 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
 Supplement of "L'Aquilone #.108" Rubber model "I-CARO" PG.18" Designed and built by Elastico di G. Pritoni See - Full article here
West Wyalong Nationals 2023 Program, Thurs 28th Dec 2023 to Thurs 4th Jan 2024
SAM 62, (Italy), Hi Trevor,  as usual, I am sending you two files which are the videos of Eurosamchamps 2022, which we managed to organize after two years of detention,  to the international problem of COVID. I ask you if you kindly make them available to fans of O.T. models, by inserting the links in the News letter. I hope it pleases many. - Video - Photographs - from Tiziano Bortolai (posted 29jul2022)x
Do you have photos with captions or articles of interest to SAM members? send them to Editor/Publisher and/or the Webman
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