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Tandy Walker's 1936 Stinson Reliant SR-7 construction articles (being uploaded 9jul2020)
SAM 600 The Thermaleer has been rebranded The Australian Thermaleer and is a combination of SAM 600's The Thermaleer and 1788's Duration Times along with columns from the other Aust. SAM Chapters and Groups, now published quarterly (from Ian Avery. Publisher posted 6jul2020)
From the President Bob Galler - the 2020 SAM Champs in Muncie, Indiana, USA on 14th Sep. to Friday the 18th Sep - Have been CANCELLEDWe plan to reschedule the champs to next year at Muncie in 2021.
Skyscraper Annual Schedule (Updated) for June 27-28 - The schedule attached has been arranged by the CD Aram Schlosberg. To help his management of the event, please notify him of your plan to come - Schedudle
Richard Dick: is the new Rocky Mountain VP (posted 2jan2020)
AMNews - Aust Mod. News-Issue-64 Jun2020 - by John Lamont
SAM 13, Hanger Rash/Gas Lines/SCAMPS - Newsletter, Jun. 2020 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
Hatschek Memorial Contest May 17 2020
SAM 2001, (Italy), L'Aquilone - Newsletter, AQ104 2020 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
AVANZ News - Vintage Special Interest Group of Model Flying New Zealand #177

Latest from Roy Smith. (posted 24 April)

Hi again folks,
Well, at times like this, things can move fast. Despite the decision not to cancel the Spring Opener, I have now found out that the airfield is closed to the public. The website is:-
and the telephone # is (585) 243-2100

If anyone is thinking of going there for some trimming it would be best to check the website, and maybe call ahead - although the phone doesn't seem to be manned very much of the time at the moment. I also don't know how they interpret membership in the museum - if I am a member am I still a member of the public?

One more point - it has been pointed out to me that the AMA FF NATS (Muncie) has NOT been cancelled.
Thermals, Roy

SAM 62, (Italy) - Newsletter #186 2019 - Permanetly located at Newsl etters

From Tiziano Bortolai SAM 62 Italy - The "Sine" (1946) Raffaele Sinopoli project of 1946. From the CAD drawing on an enlarged scale, construction and testing and at the end of the prize in Boulder City (Las Vegas) to the Samchamp USA 2017 - (Posted 10apr2020)

From Tiziano Bortolai SAM62 Italy
I am attaching two links, they are two memories of old timer events. the first is the 2nd SAMCHAMPS video I attended in October / November 2019, the other is the video of the first European O.T. which was organized by SAM62 in Italy. (posted 4apr2020)
Bob Galler is the New President and other changes to the Commettee, see Contact us page for the details.
SAM 95 Bohemia, Vintage modells championship Czech Republic 2019. Youtube short vodeo with results is here.
SAM 1788, (Aus. NSW), Duration Times - #? - Permanetly located at Newsletters
2020 38th Canowindra Program-Entry Form
The New President of SAM 95 Bohemia is Jiri Hrusk - You can see all SAM95 details at sam_international_chapters - (posted 20feb)
Newsletter of the Vintage Special Interest Group of Model Flying New Zealand #175 can now be seen - Here
YouTube Video SAM 5 Hungary 2019 - part of the European Championships . (from Laszlo Torok, Permanetly located at Contest Results posted 16jan2020)
Just received from Bob Galler the latest latest SAM Official Rule Book Constitution and Bylaws, see here Jan.2020RuleBook - Permanetly located at the left hand menu item, RuleBook, (posted 10Jan2020)
UTube video of the Samchamps 2019, from the Secretary SAM62 Italy Tiziano Bortolai, Permanetly located at Contest Results
Because of the falling numbers of contest results received, i have decided to add the links to Youtube Vids. to the Contest Results Page
Link to AEROsport (2018-July) teljes adás (full broadcast of Aerosport Magazine, a Budapest, Hungary local television program, published on YouTube, featuring many Sailplanes) - Will be eventuality located at Contest_Results
SAM 600, (Aus. Vic.), Thermaleer Newsletter #149 2019 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page
2019 Sep-Nov, Frank Ehling International 1/2A Postal Texaco Challenge, Hosted by SAM 62 in Ferrara Italy, - Invite - Entry
SAM 70 Association des Amateurs d'Aeromodeles Anciens (acka 4A France) their achhived 118 Bulletens (French language including issues from 1991-2017) can be seen/downloaded here (shared on Google Drive) - Link from Jean-Marie Piednoir, SAM 6487
SAM 21, Clipper Newsletter September 2018 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
SAM 270, (Aus. WA.), The Geezer - Newsletter, October 2016 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
See the SAM Design Review Committee Lists - The "Design Review Committee" is working on the Lists to bringing them up to date ASAP. (2017)
SAM 56, WHAM-(Wichita Historical Aircraft Modelers) -Newsletter, Nov 2014 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
Do you have photos with captions or articles of interest to SAM members? send them to Editor/Publisher Roland Friestad and/or Webman Trevor Boundy
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