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Updated 17-Jun-2021
SAM Committee - Advertising Manager Position is Open - Contact the SAM President here
SAM Committee - 2021 Annual SAM Champs Manager -Tom Boice
From the President, all email addresses will be Removed from the US Chapters and Intl.Chaptors Pages because of repeated email spoofing attacks. See spoofing and Phishing by the FBI Posted Apr2021
Note changed date SAM 1938 Maryland Summer Heat SAM R/C Contest 2021, 2 and 3 October. - Details Here of the changed date
AVANZ News - Vintage Special Interest Group of Model Flying in New Zealand #184 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
AMNews - Aust. Mod. News-Issue-70 Jun2021 - by John Lamont - Permanetly located at Newslestters
From Roy Smith - National Warplane Museum (NWM) Series, Free Flight Activities - See Here
SAM 13, Hanger Rash/Gas Lines/SCAMPS - Newsletter, Jun. 2021 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
SAM21, (CA) Clipper (Offical N/L of the BlackJack Club), Newsletter May 2021 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
Tandy’s Life of Model Airplanes 1943 - 2021 (new) - (Posted May2021, 56 pages) - Permanetly located at Memory Lane
Hatschek International Challenge May_21&22 - Schedule Here - (posted 17may2021)
From Tandy Walker - LiPo ans NiMH Battery Pack Charging-Discharging Rules - Permanetly located at SAM Airplanes How To - Posted 11may2021
New England Gas Champs, Tamworth Club Flying Field, Somerton, NSW, Aus.-12-13 June 2021 - Details Here
Australian Thermaleer Newsletter (TAT) 2021-006 - Permanetly located at Newsletters page
SAM 62, (Italy) - Newsletter #189 2021 - Permanetly located at Newsl Letters
Fron Tiziano Bortolai SAM62 Italy. - I am attaching the link to Eurosamchamps that we organized in Italy in 2019 on the Aguscello airfield near the city of Ferrara. - (posted14mar2021 - to be permanetly located at Contest Results)
Here is an update on Jim Moseley's International Postal Contest. Jim has decided to go ahead with it - the dates are from July 1st to February 28th, inclusive. The contest now has three separate events, P30, Senator, and 1/2A Classic Gas (cross-flow engines only). Please see the attached pdf file for all the details - (posterby Roy 10mar2021)
The 39th SAM1788 Championships is on again this year from the 31st of March to the 5th of April at "Bogwood" Canowindra, NSW, Aust. - See the attached Covid Safety Plan - Also see the Cabin Scramble Rules and C/L Racing Rules. - Program ans entry form here - (posted_9mar2021)
The 26th Charles Hampson Grant Memorial International Mass Launch Of Cloud Tramps - Saturday, August 7, 2021.- Link to Website and more information - link to Charles Hampson Bio - (posted jan2021)
SAM 2001, (Italy), L'Aquilone - Newsletter, AQ105 2020 - Permanetly located at Newsletters
Italian O/T National Competition 2020 - Date 10 and 11 October - Here is a Video montage, containing moments of competition, photos of models and photos of awards. - (from Tiziano Bortolai SAM62) - (Posted feb2021)
Due to cancellation of the Southwest Regionals (Covid) January 16th t0 18th, 2021, the contest managers are instead holding postal contests open to any SAM member around the world. See Details Here
Do you have photos with captions or articles of interest to SAM members? send them to Editor/Publisher Roland Friestad and/or Webman Trevor Boundy
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