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2002 SAM Champs Muncie - Results Index
Fri, 10-May-2019
SAM Old-Timer Contest Schedules and Results
Free Flight Events R/C Events
Event 01 Sparky Special Event Event 25 A Texaco
Event 02 Small Rubber Stick Event 26 Nostalgia (Large and Small)
Event 03 Class C Fuselage Event 27 Texaco Glow
Event 04 Class A Gas Pylon Event 28 A Glow
Event 05 Small Rubber Fuselage Event 29 A Ignition
Event 06 Four Ounce Wakefield Event 30 1/2A Texaco
Event 07 Class B Fuselage Event 31 Electric Texaco
Event 08 .0 to .25 Side Port Event 32 O and R Sideport
Event 09 Large Rubber Stick Event 33 B Glow
Event 10 Commercial Rubber Event 34 B Ignition
Event 11 Jimmy Allen Event 35 Spirit of SAM Electric
Event 12 Thirty Second Antique Event 36 Antique
Event 13 Class A Gas Fuselage Event 37-1/2A Scale Endurance
Event 14 Large Rubber Fuselage Event 38-C Glow
Event 15 Rubber Scale Event 39-C Ignition
Event 16 Twin Pusher Event 40 Electric LMR
Event 17 Class B Gas Pylon Event 41 Pure Antique
Event 18 .020 Replica Event 42 OT Towline Glider
Event 19 Old Ruler Event 43 Brown Junior LER
Event 20-8 Ounce Wakefield Event 44 Classic Texaco
Event 21 OT Hand Launch Glider Event 45 Classic Texaco
Event 22-OT Towline Glider Event 46 Classic Texaco
Event 23 Class C Gas Pylon Event 47 Special Event R/C Dallaire
Event 24 O and R .23 Event 48 Special Event R/C Buzzard
Event 45 FF Buzzard Special Event  
Event 46 OT Catapult Glider  
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