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2005 SAM Champs Las Vegus - Results Index
Sat, 11-Apr-2009

2005 SAM Champs Free Flight Rubber and Glider Results

2005 SAM Champs Free Flight Gas Results

2005 SAM Champs Radio Control Gas and Towline Results

2005 SAM Champs Radio Control Electric Results

2005 Champs Control Line Results

2005 Rules Vote Report and Data by Mike Myers

2005 Entry Form

2005 Pre-Contest Information Update

2005 Eldorado Location Survey

2005 SAM Champs - Electric V Gassie


SAM Old-Timer Contest Schedules and Results
Grand Champions and Perpetual Trophies
Free Flight
Power Champion Kevin Sherman
Rubber Champion Herb Kothe
Twin Pusher Danny Sheelds Perpetual Henry Cole *Burnham)
30 Second Antique Marquardt Perpetual Larry Davidson (Rambler)
Class B Pylon Ernie Shailor Perpetual Jim Grove (Swoose)
Class C Fuselage Dick White Perpetual Walter Conrad (Playboy Cabin)
Old Ruler Bob Oslan Perpetual Larry Davidson (Westerner)
Radio Control
Grand Champion Ignition Bob Hawkins
Grand Champion Glow Bob Hawkins
Electric Champion (Dick Huang Memorial) Dave Harding
Texaco Perpetual Trophy Von Warner (Scram)
Ohlsson 23 Perpetual Trophy Bob Hawkins (Lanzo Bomber)
Ohlsson Sideport Perpetual Bob Hawkins (Lanzo Bomber)
Spirit of SAM Electric Trophy Richard Bartkowski
Electric High Time Dale Tower

Texaco Perpetual Trophy Winner
Von Warner with Scram

Electric High Time Winner
Dale Tower with Floater

Jim Adams Memorial Concours D’Elegance
Free Flight Power Gary Sherman
Free Flight Rubber Frank Roberge Rearwin Speedster
Grand Champion Frank Roberge Jimmie Allen Skokie
Radio Control John Richards Mayfly II
Special Events
Free Flight Thermal Hunter Stan Buddenbohm
Free Flight Brooklyn Dodger Larry Davidson
Radio Control B Ignition Ascender Bob King
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