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Covering your Old Timer Airplane
Updated 27-Mar-2017
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The following articles contain information to help you in covering your Old Timer airplane
Covering Weight Comparisons web link via Kevin and George
Covering with LW Polyspan article via David Mills
Covering with Polyspan - by Hank Baer and Mike Myers
Tissue Over Mylar - all you need to know - by karl Gies June 2010
Tissue Over Mylar - By the New England Wakefield Group
Covering with Tissue Over Mylar - by Tony Tomlin
Covering Your Model With Tissue Two Parts -by Jack Sugameli from Comet Models
Covering - Why does Tissue Shrink when Wet - by Gary Phillips posted to SAMTalk
Covering With Polyspan - by Roy Bourke
Covering With Silk Using the Maniscus Method - by Ramon Alban
Covering Weight Comparisons - by ?
Printing Graphics on Tissue - by Paul Bradley (web Link)
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