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Sun, 04-Feb-2018
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15 The Northeast Louisiana Society of Antique Modelers (SAM 15) is dedicated to the preservation of the building and flying of antique aircraft models in all their forms. We support all types of Old timer and Antique modeling, whether Free Flight, Rubber or Radio Control Assist. SAM 15 is a affiliated as a special Interest group with the Hangar RC Club of Jonesboro , Louisiana (AMA 4726) and shares the field there where we have a 3200 foot paved runway, and a great grass strip. SAM 15 is open for membership to all SAM members. Contact: Tommy Gray, 966 Coulee Creek Road, Jonesboro, La. 71251 318-267-2040
13 SAM 13 SCAMPS Our Chapter of SAM, the SCAMPS,  is one of the strongest free flight clubs in the country, with a membership of about 110.  We have weekly fun-fly events at our Perris California flying site, every Wednesday morning.  Our club is anchored by flying stalwart, Sal Taibi, who has been a major part of modeling since the 1930's, when he broke through with his famous Powerhouse design in 1938. Contact us at Julykevin$aol.com
8 SAM 8 - in the great Pacific Northwest has a new web site. We fly on Army proving grounds at Ft. Lewis Washington, near the foot of Mt. Rainier, just south of Tacoma. Visitors are welcome, check the web site for map and directions. We hold monthly contests (Army schedule permitting ) from Feb thru Oct - predominantly free flight old timer and antique classes, plus a few R/C and nostalgia events. C-ya downwind. WebMaster SAM 8 "rottenrobbie0$yahoo.com Bob Macklin
9 Old Timers and 1/2 A Texaco Lovers. Check our site for Cox 049 parts John Allen Kennedy at <a jakennedy71118$sport.rr.com.

SAM 10 (CAAMA) Has Web Presence In The Nation's Capital

Capital Area Antique Modelers Association. The Capital Area Antique Modelers Association, CAAMA, was organized about ten years ago, both as an AMA Chartered Club and a Society of Antique Modelers (SAM) Chapter. Currently, there are about 70 members, many within the Washington DC. Capital Area (hence the club name). Our interests are broad and cover most of the range of model aviation interests, particularly Free Flight. We fly with the DC Maxecuters and the Brainbusters of the Newport News, VA area. We now have a Free Flight field near Culpeper, VA, courtesy of the Inskeep family.

10 SAM 10 shares web space with the DC Maxecutors a multi-disciplinary group of modelers based in and around Washington, D.C.
11 Sam 11 Old Time Eagles joins the web courtesy of Jack Sugameli and Supercraft Models."This is our newest means of sharing information, competition dates, photos and the joy of Old Time Model Airplanes with the World. We hope you enjoy this site, and ask members to please submit all new info and pictures for future postings. President- Ray Mould Vice President- Hank Garcia Treasurer-Dick Eimert-Secretary- Mike Cook at mlcooknj$bellatlantic.net
12 SAM 12,The Atlantic County Sky Blazers of New Jersey Contact Roy Wilson at roy.wilson201$verizon.net and check out our website.
17 The Pensacola Free Flight Team is SAM17, as well as AMA Charter 203 and FAC Squadron #46. Our members represent a wide range of freeflight interests. We fly from one of the finest sites in the country, a one mile square of mowed grass courtesy of the U.S. Navy. Our 33 regular members come from as far as 300 miles to fly at our site, and another 55 associate members fly here whenever it is convenient. Due to radio interference, RC flying is not available at our site. Our newsletter is less of a standard newsy newsletter and more of a journal of ideas from everywhere they can be found for the purpose of sharing ideas f or building and flying free flight models. Check us out on our web site
2010 Old Pals, Belgium
21 SAM 21 Newletter Editor (and newly-installed SAM Western States VP) announces that "the SAM 21 web-site is up and running !"The latestissue of the SAM 21 Clipper can be downloaded and viewed if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader (AAR)on your computer. ( If not, you can download and install AAR for FREE! on your machine from the www.Adobe.com webpage. ) Steve promises to make the site "what the members want" if they will but tell him what that is. (Good luck!) Everyone should give it a look and don't foget to download their great newsletter from the site as well.
27 The Society of Antique Modeler's Northern California Chapter 27, Napa-Sonoma-Santa Rosa-Marin County
35 SAM 35 The Society of Antique Modellers  Chapter 35 (S.A.M.35) created in 1967 in the U.K
40 SAM 40 We are a southeast Michigan based chapter of mostly R/C fliers with a few Free Flighters and some watchers thrown in. We are big on competition, have 1 or 2 contests a month at Milan, Michigan, a two day contest at the Toledo Weak Signals field, and attend most of the contests in the tri-state area. Chuck Hutton President at <chutton242$aol.com>.
51 SAM 51 the Nifty One, Sacramento, California, USA

SAM 59 "Cloud Climbers" Make Online Debut, Louisiana Flyers Have Two Flying Fields! Our club is dedicated to building and flying model aircraft powered by any means. We fly models that meet SAM and AMA Rules. We are located in Southeast Louisiana and we have two fields one is approx 1000 acres, near Folsom,La, the other is near Slidell, La." Email: Mike Finnan at mike$finnan.net

62 The "Italian Society of Historical Aeromodelling - SAM Italia chapter 62" is a free non-profit corporation. Its purpose is to offer cultural activities, historical research, participation in the sport of flying vintage models from the beginning of model building till 1956.
65 SAM 65 Alaska - In the early 80's a group of flyers on the Kenai peninsula got together, joined SAM, and formed Chapter 65. The founding fathers were Van Wilson, Bill Topia, Dave Unruh and Jerry Clak. In the late 80's they started having a mid winter Fun-Fly at Summit Lake Lodge.
The lodge is half way between Anchorage and Soldotna Alaska. In the late 80's or early 90's they invited the members of The Alaska Radio Control Society to the fly-in. This was very successful and was held the first weekend of March and is still is. In recent years the lodge changed hands and is now closed. The contest was held at The Sunrise Lodge on Kenai Lake for one year and then move the Trail Lakes Lodge in Moose Pass, AK. The site is just like the Summit Lake site and has been successful there. The Peninsula Modelers still run the contest with other flyers as guests.
Because of winter conditions in Alaska in March - no thermal duration records are likely but the event has developed into a great mid winter flying event and get-together.
76 SAM 76 The Propstoppers of Delaware County Pennsylvania
67 Svenska Modellflygares Oldtimersällskap SAM 67 Sweden Web site
700 SAM 700
78 SAM 78
89 SAM 89 A Model Aircraft Club Dedicated to the Preservation Of Antique and Old Timer Model Aircraft Established in 1992 The world-famous "Attack Duck Squadron" otherwise known as SAM 89
93 SAM 93 Tulsa, Oklahoma
110 North of Superior Flyers/SAM 110 North of Superior Flyers is intended to be an association of friends helping friends enjoy building and flying all types of model aircraft. Our monthly meetings are for fun, not business and are held at Confederation College, McIntyre building, room 207B, on the second Wednesday of every month at 730 PM, October through May.
Please feel free to peruse this site.A "rogues" gallery of photos, consisting of 400+ photos has been started, and a new and improved version of the links and resources page is up and running, and updated regularly.
111 We are just a small group of 4 SAM flyers and right now all electric, but we welcome all SAM interested flyers here in the Bluegrass of Kentucky area. We fly all the nearby contests regularly and are an active but small group. Bluegrass Cloud Busters Chapter 111 founded 2011.
112 SAM 112 The Hoosier Bombers
117 Mike McIntyre resurrected the Chicago Buzzards club by forming SAM Chapter 117. It was natural that many of us electric fliers build old-timers with e-power. However, members have competed in SAM gas competition events
600 SAM 600 of Australia The home of Old Timer Radio Control Model Flying in Victoria President Brian Laughton <brianlaughton$dcsi.net.au>
1066 SAM 1066 UK Dedicated To Vintage and Classic Model Aircraft. Free membership now available, sign up and receive our excellent newsletter via e-mail. See the website for details.
89 Who are we?... SWOOT (South Western Ontario Old Timers) was established in 1992 to preserve the history and flying of model aircraft and engines, that were born and developed during the early days of aeromodelling. This period, generally speaking, began in the late twenties and early thirties and at that time the aircraft were flown in a "free flight" mode. This meant that the skill of the modeller and the knowledge of the theory of flight, played a very important role in the adjustment of the aircraft for safe flight. Our members continue to pursue these concepts through the flying of replicas that in some instances are powered by the original engines that were used in the early days of this hobby. Also flown are rubber powered aircraft of that era, as well as gliders; so there's lots of choices for everyone.A Great New SAM chapter web Site!!! Welcome to the Michigan Antique Modelers web site Webmaster Ron Fritz SAM #3773 E-mail: rfritz$pathwaynet.com
- The German Club "Antik Modellellfugfreunde Deutchland"Translates to:  "Friends for Antique Models in Germany"
2001 SAM 2001 The Italian Chapter devoted to Historical and Technical Research.
1953 On this page you will find useful information for both the beginners and experts, may also consult the calendars of all events organized by SAM 1953 Argentina Chapter and by the Federaciíon Argentina de Aeromodelismo ( Argentina Model Airplanes Federation ).
Our Argentina SAM Chapter was founded by a group of enthusiast flyers of radio assisted free flight Old Timer gas models. It is our objective that the present web page will be the site for the entire Old Timer modeler’s community embracing all categories
* Indoors Old Timers
* Free Flight Old Timers ( Rubber, Gliders and Gas )
* R/C Assisted Old Timer Free Flight Models
* U-Control Old Timer Models
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