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RC_SOAR-the Blog, Mike Shellim on slope soaring and R/C systems - (posted 8oct2023)

Link Received from Adrian's Model Aero Engines webpage.

I do a lot of research on pioneering and vintage model engines. In the course of my research, I’ve made friends with many SAM members around the world. The results of my efforts are to be found on my Model Engine Website, where they are avidly read by literally thousands of model engine enthusiasts all over the world.

  From Corrine, a Guide to Circuits and Electronics, as used by their local Girl Scout Troop located in the US, who are working on their "Think Like an Engineer" Badge as part of the STEM series.
  A Brief History of Military Vehicles - A link from Tom Coner, a viewer of the SAM webpage.
  LouAnne Taylorfrom is a youth services librarian and educator in Wyoming USA, who is working with a small group of 9-14 year olds on a fun aviation history and beginner aircraft modeling class. They have produced an project called "The Cars, Tanks and Airplanes of World War II"
"RC Model Aircraft" - an RC aircraft blog, also with many interesting guides and articles
"Model Aircraft Universe" - a tutorial with some good tips for beginners, and also several nice videos.

Home of Jim Walker & The American Junior
Jim Walker was really one of a kind. He was a visionary, a showman, an inventor and a passionate promoter of Model Aviation. Whether he was flying his Two-Speed ignition engine Fireball with U-Control or his 10 cent Model 74 Glider, he captivated the crowds and the imagination of a generation of youngsters with his incredible flying skills. Producing Ready-To-Fly model planes years before balsa became common, his American Junior Aircraft Company shaped the furure of the hobby world.
The Raynes Park Model Aircraft Club
We are based in South West London and specialise in Vintage and Nostalgia model aircraft flying, particularly free flight but also control line and radio control. Indoor flying is also popular.
Contest Director Graham Knight with his Jimmie Allen Yellow Jacket See their site for information about the upcoming Jimmie Allen Contests for Old Warden (see contest announcement on Raynes Park MAC site

Web Page here

Welcome to the Site of a pair of master craftsment from Italy, Emidio Gattfoni and Alessandro Ambrosi-Information Sheet in Italian, who specialize in Reproducing great motors of the past and who have ties to SAM Italia. In these pages you will find photos and characteristics of motors for model aircraft of years 45-46 that have been replicated by two modellisti,(modellers) friends for life,in that they share the same passion for the mechanics, and modelling in general.
National Free-Flight Society
To preserve, promote and enhance interest in the sport and hobby of Free Flight model aircraft in all its forms
Home to the Academy of Model Aeronautics web presence. Under construction, and apparently, a surprise to most AMA members, it will offer a range of services for AMA members, club listings, contest calendars, hopefully with frequent updates. Fine graphics and attractive to navigate, this is a must-have on your bookmark list.
Italian Flying Model Aircraft Magazines Gian-Paolo Capitani's website of articles, plans and photos copied from antique Italian model magazines. A wonderful resource for Italian roots in flying models.
Join Model Engine Collectors Association
Join the Vintage R/C Society The Vintage RC Society (VRCS) is an organization dedicated to the preservation of our radio control history - the achievements of those electronic and airframe design pioneers that made R/C one of the best hobby/sport in the world today. We do this through our bi-monthly newsletter, The Vintage Flier, and annual reunions and fly-ins.
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