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How To - Build and Fly SAM Old Timer Model Airplanes
Updated 10-Dec-2017
Ed Hamler -Introduction to Vinatge RC Modeling
Don Bekins -Thermal Soaring by - Dec2014
The Building Board web site - For those convinced that building is an indispensable component of Model Aviation - Chet Lanzo, Historical material
The Christchurch Model Aero Club web pages - Hints and Tips
Servo Data Base web page A link to ServoDatabase.com, RC Servo Specifications and Reviews
Ben Shershaw -Construct the Cumulus from FA September 1937
Tandy Walker - Cleveland Cloudster Speed 400 Build - Oct2009, 358 pages
Covering Weights a Comparison Table
Myers - Baer - Polyspan Covering Jan 2006
Carl Gies -Tissue Over Mylar All You Need to Know Nov 2009
Tissue Over Mylar New England Work group Nov 2009
Tony Tomlin -Covering with Tissue Over Mylar
Comet Kit Manufacturers Guide- Tissue Covering Guide 1930-40's
Gary Phillips -from SAMTalk by Roy Bourke - Why does Tissue Shrink when Wet
SAMTalk - Covering With Polyspan
Gary Sherman -How to Build and Fly the ½ A Texaco Powerhouse
Taken from SAMTalk - Scalpels and Craft Knives
Tandy Walker -Tips and Hints to Build an R/C OT Lanzo A Class Bomber pdf files part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5
Dan McLeod - Building On a Glass Surface
Ramon Alban - Vintage Model Airplanes Web Site
Italian Flying Model Aircraft Magazines - Web Site with many old Italian Model Magazine articles
Dave Harding - Boehle's Giant Forster 99 power - web blog
Charles River Club "How To" web articles. Not Old Timer but an excellent resource for modelers
Mike Stuart's superb web site with many free flight scale models featured
Earl Stahl -Fockker D-8 Flies Again - MAN June 1941
Don Bekins - Build a B&W Models, Red Ripper
David Mills - Covering with LW Polyspan-feb2010

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