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SAM Airplanes To's or General Build and Fly Basics
Updated 22-Jan-2020
Ramon Alban - Vintage Model Airplanes Web Site alban
Don Bekins -Thermal Soaring - Dec 2014 beki
Don Bekins - Build a B&W Models, Red Ripper bekin
The Building Board web site - For those convinced that building is an indispensable component of Model Aviation - Chet Lanzo, Historical material build
Charles River Club "How To" web articles. Not Old Timer but an excellent resource for modelers charl
Christchurch Model Aero Club web pages - Hints and Tips chris
Ed Hamler - Introduction to Vinatge RC Modeling haml
Dave Harding - Boehle's Giant Forster 99 power - Web Blog hardin
Italian Flying Model Aircraft Magazines - Web Site with many old Italian Model Magazine articles itali
Michel de Man - RC Groups -RC Jacco 100inch Sailwing Construction man
Dan McLeod - Building On a Glass Surface dan
Popular Aviation - Index to Model Plans (114 models) pop
SAMTalk - Scalpels and Craft Knives samtalk
Servo Data Base web page A link to ServoDatabase.com, RC Servo Specifications and Reviews servo
Gary Sherman - How to Build and Fly the ½ A Texaco Powerhouse sherm
Ben Shershaw - Construct the Cumulus from FA September 1937 shersh
Earl Stahl - Fockker D-8 Flies Again - MAN June 1941 stahl
Mike Stuart's superb web site with many free flight scale models featured stuart
Tandy Walker - PT-19, Rubber Model Project walk
Tandy Walker - Comet Sailplane, 72inch, McCoy 60 powered, - Posted June 2018 - under contruction walk
Tandy Walker - A Shershaw Cumulus Story - Posted Dec 2017 walk
Tandy Walker - Lancer 850 Electric Powered and Repair - Posted June 2018 walk
Tandy Walker - Tips and Hints to Build an R/C OT Lanzo A Class Bomber pdf files part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 walk
Tandy Walker - Playboy Senior, 80 inch, Electric Powered walk
Tandy Walker - Cloudster Speed 300 walk
Trevor Boundy - RC Jasco 100 inch Sailwing Overview trev
Tandy Walker - Cloudster Speed 300 Second Build walk
Tandy Walker - Rocketeer A Class walk
Tandy and Sue Walker - SAM Champs History walk
Tandy Walker - Conditioning Electric Model's Battery Packs walk
Tandy Walker - Handy Switch for Chargers walk
Tandy Walker - Scaled Up 1/2A FUBAR 600 walk
Tandy Walker - Scaled Up 1/2A FUBAR 375 walk
Tandy Walker - Comet Sailplane Electric Texaco Conversion walk
Tandy Walker - TW Flying Aces J3 Cub Rubber walk
Tandy Walker - Sweeper IV, 55inch, Electric, Aerobatic, RC Model
Tandy Walker - Small Scale Electric Models - (Piper J-4 Cub Coupe, WACO Cabin Biplane, Stinson Reliant SR-7)
Tandy Walker - Second Half A Fubar 600
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