Electric Model Basics
Updated 26-Jul-2022
Jay Burkart - NEW Speed 400 Motor Replacement document - (posted 26jul2022)
Dave Harding - Bigger is Better, Isn't It?
Jack Hinner - 4 Port LiPo Chargers - (SS Mar-Apr 2015)
Jack Hinner - Miss Production set up for SOS Electric - (SS Jan-Feb 2017)
Mike Myers - So You Want To Fly Speed 400 - (SS Jan-Feb 2017)
Jack Hinner - SOS (Spirit Of Sam) Notes - (SS Jan-Feb 2017)
Jack Hinner - Electric Wakefield Notes - (SS May-Jun 2015)
Dave Harding - Instructions and Cautions for your Speed 400 Propulsion System - (Dec2014)
Jay Burkart - Wiring a Speed 400 motor for the SAM 400 LMR event (3 page, 5.5Mb, pdf file)
Jay Burkart - SpreadSheet Calculator for Battery Packs (2008 RevM) and a pdf Easy to use version of the Electric Model weight to battery capacity chart
Glen Poole - Electric Boehle Giant new-for-2006 Electric competition rules
Dave Harding - Designing a Successful Electric LMR (Limited Motor Run)
Dave Harding - SAM and AMA RC Electric Old Timer Competitions
Tandy Walker - Speed 400 Cleveland Cloudster Construction Details - part1 - part2 - part3 - part4
Dave Harding - Build an Electric Powered SOS (Spirit of Sam) Model
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