Electric Model Basics
Updated 16-Dec-2014
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Instructions and Cautions for your Speed 400 Propulsion System - Dave Harding - (Dec2014)
Jay Burkart on Wiring a Speed 400 motor for the SAM 400LMR event (3 page, 5.5Mb, pdf file)
Tandy's Documation of Building a Speed 400 Cloudster a number of pdf files, also at the SAM 15 site as html files
Spread Sheet Spreadsheet Calculator for Battery Packs (2008 RevM)
SAM Champs 2008 Speed 400 Electric RC Rules and Related Information
Glen Poole's Electric Boehle Giant new-for-2006 Electric competition rules
Designing a Successful Electric LMR by Dave Harding
A how-to for SAM and AMA RC Electric Old Timer Competitions by DaveH, (1.4MB)
Build an Electric Powered Spirit of SAM Model
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