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SAMTalk-Filter Instructions by Ned Nevels
Tue, 31-Mar-2009
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or How to Create a Message Filter to Automatically Move SAMTalk Emails To a Folder Other Than Your Inbox (and Retain Some Sanity!)

How to Survive the Email Avalanche

By Ned Nevels

In the interest of keeping some of our new members from fearing that their email has been infected with the "SAMTalk_Forum bug," (which is similar to a virus, my wife says) I thought it would be of use to review some of the things that our members can do to reduce the "clutter" and enjoy belonging to this great list!

First, you'll notice that I've set the "subject" on the SAMTalk_Forum emails to include [SAMTalk_Forum] at the end of whatever you choose as your subject for your email.

That's so everyone can easily identify a SAMTalk_Forum message from a "private" one from the same person. It also make's it easy to set up a "filter" in your email client so that ALL your SAMTalk_Forum emails are directed to a folder of your choosing as they are downloaded.

The Official Netscape ProcedureIs In the Right Column->

How to Create a "Filter" to Separate SAMTalk Emails From Your Regular Messages

In your email "preferences" or "options" directory there will be a "mail filters" section. (in Netscape Navigator it is under the "Edit" drop-down box, third from the bottom and labeled "message filters.") When you go there, There is a box to the left that lists the filters you've created (most likely there till be none in there) and 3 buttons to the right of that box labeled "new" "edit" and "delete."

Click on "new" and a dialogue box will open that gives "filter rules" with the default settings giving the filter a name you can customize and starting with "the subject of the message" with a drop down box with many other options, followed by another drop down that says "contains" and then a blank box where you can Type in "[SAMTalk_Forum]" (without the quotation marks, they're used here to separate the actual typed in word ) Please note that the word "SAMTalk_Forum" is encased in brackets"[ ]"as opposed to the standard curved parenthesis. The brackets are found to the right of the "P" key on your computer keyboard and are the lower, unshifted character.

The word must be exactly as it appears here, i.e. SAMTalk_Forum not samtalkforum or SAMTAlk_forum. The "case" of the word (capitals and non-capitals) matters here so it has to be exact. That's one of the reasons I chose SAMTalk_Forum is because it is descriptive and unique so it is easily separated out by a filter. The "brackets" also aid in this.

A trick I use is to highlight the word on an email that is correctly done and go to Edit-Copy and then place my cursor in the box and select Edit-Paste to paste the word into the box exactly as it appears. Sometimes this can be tricky so if you get frustrated copying and pasting, just slowly type the word and characters into the box. The next step is a drop down box that has all your existing email folders in it. (that's why I start by creating the folder, then create the filter....I'm essentially lazy that way) plus you can press a button that says "new folder" which will allow you to specify your desired folder and the program will create it for you. The last step is to click "OK" then check to see that the filter is "on" by having a check beside it's name.

You can click the check and turn it "off" and click later to turn it "on" so you can try it out. Remember, when the filter is "on" and correctly configured, you won't see ANY SAMTalk_Forum emails in your regular "Inbox" and will have to click on the "Inbox" drop down to physically change to looking at your SAMTalk_Forum messages. They aren't destroyed, merely moved!

Creating Message Filters

(Netscape Help Instructions)

You can create and maintain message filters so that Messenger automatically matches criteria you set, including filing messages in a folder when they arrive.

To create a filter that handles incoming messages:

1. In the Messenger window, choose Message Filters from the Edit menu.

2. In the Message Filters dialog box, click New.

You see the Filter Rules dialog box, where you enter information necessary to define the filter.

To edit a filter: Select the filter name and click Edit. To delete a filter: Select the filter name and click Delete. To turn a filter on or off: Click the dot to the right of the filter name to turn it on (checkmark), or click the checkmark to turn it off (dot). To change the order in which filters are applied: In the filter list, click a filter's name, and click the up or down arrow to move it. To log filter activity, which can help to debug filtering: Click the checkbox at Log Filter Use. To display the filter log: Click View log. Specifying Settings for Message Filters Use the Message Filters Rules dialog box to edit or define an action you want a filter to perform, and the type of messages to which you want to apply the action.

1. Type a name for the filter.

2. Select the "Match" option you want. Use the pop-up menus to choose filtering criteria and type a keyword to be used in the search.

3. Click More to add criteria and Fewer to remove them. Then use the filtering action you want.

4. Click New Folder to create a new mail folder.

5. Type information about this filter in the Description field.

6. Click Advanced to enter customized header information.


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