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Plans and Sources Top of this page

Outerzone is a listing of free vintage and old-timer flying model aircraft plans to download. The listing is free for everyone - you don't need to register or log in to download plans

SAM Plan Service: Offers many of the old time plans, especially the excellent flying models designed by Chet Lanzo. Copies of all of the original Lanzo plans are available. An ad listing the Lanzo plans are in the back pages of SAM Speaks.

Floyd Reck <Samplanman$aol.com>
10332 Tristan Drive
Downey, CA 90241
(714) 842-9510

Academy of Model Aeronautics/John Pond Plans Service: The John Pond Plans Service was purchased by AMA in late 2002. There are over 3000 Sam era plans available for literally every gas and rubber powered old time model. Designs and plans are available for Old Timer Gas, Free Flight Nostalgia, Rubber Power, Control Line, Vintage Radio Control and Scale.
The new AMA plans service is now open, offering plans from the John Pond Plans collection, including the three-views and engine drawings. Plan orders can be made by calling AMA at (765) 287-1256, ext. 507. This extension number is direct to the Plans Department. Visa and Mastercard accepted. Click here for a complete catalog listing of the plans available and to download a printable order form..

AMA Web site

Bill Northrop’s Plan Service

Bill Northrop’s Plan Service: Over 220 Old Time model aircraft plans are available direct from the pages of the old Model Builder magazine. Bill Northrop, former owner editor of Model Builder continues to supply clean, legal plan copies from original kit and out-of-print magazines. Many of the old time gas plans are updated versions showing r/c conversions, perfect for today’s SAM r/c events. Most plans come with a reprint of the original magazine building article.

A fully illustrated catalog is available, contact Bill for current catalog prices. Visa and Mastercard accepted

Bill Northrop’s Plan Service
2019 Doral Court
Henderson, NV 89074
(702) 896-2162

Jim O’Reilly’s Plans: Jim is a master draftsman that has recreated the old original model plan blueprints into a modern state-of-the-art Cad drawing that offers dead-on accuracy for the discriminating builder. Plans illustrate all the wing, stab, fuselage and small parts patterns (these were never detailed on the original plans). Many of the gas plans are drawn not only in the original free-flight form but also offered in a modernized r/c version. Gas plans also illustrate the use of modern fiberglass motor mounts rather than the original’s wooden beam mounts. Over 150 plans in both gas and rubber power are offered. Illustrated catalog is $2.00.

Jim O'Reilly's Model Plans
4760 N. Battin
Wichita, KS 67220
(316) 744-0856
Email <KSFreeflit$gmail.com>

The National Free Flight Society (NFFS) Plan Service: Oldtimer plans, many from the SAM era in both rubber and gas, with most offerings from the later post WW-2 years in the NFFS Nostalgia era. Quality is excellent and the price is right!

NFFS Plans Service
Whit Russell <chasrussell$peoplepc.com>
1375 Ridgefield Dr.
Roswell, GA 30075

MSP Plans

Martyn Pressnell Plans: MSP Plans Presents a collection of model aircraft designs from the vintage and classic eras, selected for their aesthetic qualities or unique origins. They have been produced from original sources, photographs or sketches, recreating some models not previously published as plans. This has been done purely for the pleasure and satisfaction of doing so, and always to a high engineering standard of presentation. All drawings are A0 size, some as twin plans, all are accompanied by historical notes.

Vitre Gardens,
Hants. SO41 3NA. UK

Kits and Supplies Top of this page
Aero Craft Ltd.

Aerocraft is a leading manufacturer of quality RC model kits. We produce kits for popular hobby vendors, as well as for sale directly to the public. Our product line includes both sport and scale type kits, which range from small "indoor" flyers to an over 5 and half foot wing span sailplane. We have kits appropriate to both beginners and experts alike. Please browse our site, and come back often. We are always adding new kits!

AERO CRAFT R/C, PO Box 1474, Riverhead, New York 11901, Phone: 631-369-9319

Aerodyne: Al Heinrich is the owner of Aerodyne and his son Daniel Heinrich ownsAerodyne On Line

Currently we are featuring over 1,500 Plans, Modern ( glider, rubber, powered), Nostalgia ( rubber, powered), Old Timers ( gliders, rubber, powered), Scale ( old timer rubber scale, miscellaneous scale). Many of our plans are exclusive and not available from any other supplier. Our plan listing is available on our website. We also feature a large assortment of Glow, Diesel and Ignition fuels as well as Nitrate and Butyrate Dope, Silk, Tissue (Japanese Tissue, Domestic, and condenser), Mylar, Silk, Badge and Button Timers, and many other miscellaneous products.

If you would like to order by phone please e-mail Dan your phone number at: <orders$freeflightmodels.com>

I will call you as soon as I can. Please let me know what state you are in so I do not call too late at night.
17244 Darwin, unit C
Hesperia, California 92345
Al Heinrich <AerodyneAl$aol.com>

BMJR: Supplier of complete laser cut kits for both SAM and Nostalgia era model designs. Visa and Mastercard accepted.
BMJR Model Products
P O Box 1210
Florida 32959-3210
(321) 537-1159

Bob Holman: Bob supplies laser cut semi kits (and plans) to precisely match the aforementioned Jim O’Reilly CAD drawn plans. These precision laser-cut kits save hours of template making and cutting chores. Bob supplies both the O'Reilly cad plans and his matching laser cut semi-kits, plus many other oldtimer cad plans and laser kits by other cad draftsman.. Bob’s Old Timer kit catalog is $2.00 Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Bob Holman <bhplans$aol.com>
Box 741 San Bernardino,
CA 92402
(909) 885-3959

B&W 1/2A Model Hobbies: Owner, Bob Hartwig, offers not only 1/2A Texaco and Fox-A-Coy r/c assist models but also several versions of full size old-timer model designs as well. These reasonably priced kits contain full size plans, excellent quality balsa, laser-cut wing/stab ribs, fuselage formers, wing/stab tips and firewall plus a pre formed landing gear, including special lightweight wheels on the 1/2 A sizes. You supply your own balsa sticks, sheet wood and covering material necessary to finish the kit. A catalog list is $1.00.

B&W 1/2A Models Hobbies
11206 Trentman Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46816
(260) 639-6510
Bob Hartwig <bjhart7$comcast.net>

Campbell’s Custom Kits: Many excellent quality old time kits and an extensive offering of building supplies and materials are available from Lee Campbell. His extensive $3.00 catalog covers rubber power, gas and special OT items. A free digital catalog is available on-line by e-mail request.

Campbell's Custom Kits
1831 Fletcher Street
Anderson Indiana 46016
Phone (765) 683-1749
E-Mail <thermalpiglet$yahoo.com>

Easy Built Models: A manufacturer and supplier of model kits and supplies since 1932 with over 165 kits currently offered. Under new ownership since 1998, the focus has been to keep great kits with contents that are capable of competition flights at a great price that most everyone can afford. In 2008 EBM purchased its own laser system and rapidly gained recognition for the best cutting and design features. EBM still maintains its line of old time favorites of primarily free flight rubber powered kits offered in addition to a line of oldtime Modelcraft gas model designs most of which are SAM quailfied. The lineup also includes DeBolt Control line kits, All rubber powered kits are complete with contest quality balsa (printed or lasercut sheets) and stripwood, tissue covering in 37 colors, plastic, wire, wheels, prop, and rubber. See everything on line at www.EasyBuiltModels.com or a 40 page color catalog is available for $4US ppd in North America. Keep checking as we are constantly adding to our line up. We have FAST shipping, we keep our inventory fully stock and fresh, no waiting weeks for your orders from us. Excellent building tips are vailable at the website with color photos to help explain various techniques or electric conversions. The best part is we fly our products, built from kits right off the shelf, in competition and win. You can too.

Easy Built Models
PO Box 681744
Prattville , Alabama 36068-1744
Phone (334) 358-5184
E-Mail <daveann$easybuiltmodels.com>

FAI Model Supply: Supplier of Japanese Tissue, Airspan, Litespan and Polyspan covering materials. Primary supplier of free flight items, tools and specialties for the rubber flier.

FAI Model Supply
P O Box 366
Sayre, Pennsylvania 18840-0366
(570) 882-9873
Email <faimodelsupply$cyber-quest.com>

Klarich Kits : Harry Klarich supplies over 300 semi-kits of antique, oldtimer and nostalgia designs. Kits contain full size plans, excellent quality balsa, hand cut wing/stab ribs, fuselage formers, wing/stab tips and ply firewall plus a pre-formed landing gear. You supply your own balsa sticks and sheet necessary to finish the kit. Catalog $3.00…a must have item! Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Klarich Custom Kits
2301 Sonata Drive
Rancho Cordova,
CA 95670
Phone (916) 635-4588
Email <klarichkit$lanset.com>

A. A. [AL] Lidberg model plan service: AALmps offers a wide selection of kits and plans for scaled down SAM old timers. These are offered in 20 inch and 30 inch wingspans for free flight with the larger ones suitable for electric rc. Here's your opportunity to build many of your old timer favorites and save building time, $ and shop/home space while doing so! Take a look at the website:

Al Lidberg Model Plan Service
1030 E. Baseline, Suite 105-1074,
Tempe, AZ 85283
(480) 839-8154 evenings and weekends
Email AL <aalmps$aol.com>

Model Research Labs

Model Research Labs: Carbon fiber spars, tubes, rods, sheet, cloth, tow. Polyester tissue, aka Polyspan in economical rolls. Mylar from .000059 to .002 with or without adhesive. Sanding sealer for HLG’s, lightweight water based. Fuel Proofer, spray can, crystal clear, hot fuel proof. Kevlar, cloth, tow, thread. Spacer plans, Nostalgia legal .020 to McCoy .60 sizes. Visit our 72 page website which includes lot’s of building tips.

Model Research Labs
25108 Marguerite #160
Mission Viejo, California 92692
Email <sales$modelresearchlabs.com>

Penn Valley Hobby Center: Bill and Jean Shive founded their “Oldtime Model Shop” in 1961 and continue to offer a full line of oldtime kits and supplies to the discriminating model builder. A complete line of kits are carried in stock from manufacturers such as Aero Graphics, Bell, BMJR, Brodak, Campbell, Diels, Dumas, Easy Built, Gene Dubois, Golden Age, Guillow’s, Herr, Jetco, Jorzak, Peck-Polymer, R/N, RSM, Micro Models, Schulter, Sig, Today’s Hobbies and Westwing. They also carry kits by Scale Flight Model Co. who offers a full line of exact replica kits of the old “Dime Scale” Comet, Megow’s and Peerless kits. They also offer their own line of PVHC manufactured complete kits for the Quaker 54” and 84” and the 108” Dallaire Sportster. Discounts are offered on all kits. Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted. Catalog listing is $2.00.

Penn Valley Hobby Center
837 W. Main Street
Lansdale, Pennsylvania 19446
(215) 855-1268-or- 368-0770
Email <phvc.hobby$verizon.net>

Spirit of Yesteryear

Spirit of Yesteryear: Stuart Pearce, initially purchased the rights to the old Leisure kit line consisting of the, scaled for electric, Playboy, Bomber and Feather Merchant. They have since improved their kits by going to laser cutting. I have a few of their kits and can state that the quality is excellent, good balsa, clear plans and the kits are complete kits-less covering , and come with a very extensive construction manual. All kits are designed/scaled for electric and some are scaled for 1/2A in speed 400 or optional Cox Texaco motor. Take a look at their website which features: Bombers, Playboys, Buzzard Bombshell, Dallaire Sportster, Red Zephyr, Feather Merchant, Viking, Westerner, Airborn and Atomizer. Visa and Mastercard accepted

Spirit of Yesteryear
40 Holgate Street
Barrie, Ontario
Canada L4N 2T7
Email <Spirit-Kits$soy.on.ca>

Superior Props

Superior Props: For those of you that like to build rubber models but don’t like to carve props, here’s the answer. Bob Gourdon provides props for all the Sam and Nostalgia era models, including Jimmy Allen, Sparky, Korda, Gollywock, Wake and Coupe designs. Freewheeler blanks in all sizes, plus a full line of folders and the hardware required for all types of rubber prop connections. Catalog is $1.00.

Superior Props
Bob Gourdon
516 Driftwood Circle
Slidell, Louisiana 70458
(985) 726-9673

Harris Designs


ThermalSpan: A tough, lightweight covering and structural fabric. Non-woven, non-directional, heat shrinkable. Looks like silkspan but much, much tougher. Weight .9 oz per sq. yard. Thickness 2.2 mils. Color translucent white. Packaged in 16’ x 14” or 10’ x 23”. SASE for info/sample.

Harris Designs
2000 NW 84 th Avenue
Ankeny, Iowa 50021
(313) 909-3225

Walston Retrieval Systems

Walston Retrieval Systems: Jim Walston provides custom designed, hi-tech retrieval/search systems for free flight models of all sizes. New designs offer a longer range and louder beeps on the receiver. Free catalog is available. Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover accepted.

Walston Retrieval Systems
725 Cooper Lake Road SE
Smyrna, Georgia 30082
Toll free (800) 657-4672
(770) 434-4905

Direct Model: Austrailian Mick Walsh is offering an Almost Ready To Fly 85% (920 sq in) Lanzo Bomber. Kits are fully built and covered, requiring only about 5 hours work to get ready for flying.  Everything is included (tank, wheels, hardware) except engine, radio gear and a bit of glue.  They are faithful to the original plan and so are acceptable for SAM contests in Texaco or LER (what we call Duration) events. While shipping from Australia to US is not cheap, the exchange rate at the moment is very favourable to you guys, and we can ship them to you for less than our guys here have to pay!  Price shipped by airmail is only US$289

Email Mick Walsh <sales$DirectModel.com.au>

Original Gas Ignition Engines Top of this page

Brown's Only

Brown’s Only: Jack Van Dusen repairs and rebuilds only Brown Jr .60’s, plus supplies a full line of Brown Jr replacement parts. Jack also offers an exact replacement screw on gas tank in aluminum for those that prefer to use FAI (non-nitro) fuel in their Brown Jr. Jack’s replacement crankcases and main bearings must be custom fit in his shop. Send engine for a repair or complete overhaul estimate.

Jack Van Dusen
189 Centenary Lane
Warminster, Pennsylvania 18974
(215) 672-0608

Model Engine Collectors Association

MECA: Many replica antique gas ignition engines are currently being produced, however if you're looking for that long lost original Brown Jr. or Ohlsson engine they can still be obtained. The best source for the old time engines is through this specialized collectors booklet that is issued bi-monthly. There are hundreds of old time engines advertised for sale in every issue.   The cost to join is now $35.00 USA, $40.00 Canada & Mexico, All others $50.00 and includes  our bi-monthly publication.

Email John Lorenz <mitecars$gmail.com>
704 Flamingo Circle, Burleson, TX 76028-5041
Phone 817-295-8209

Ign Eng. Parts/Replica Eng. Top of this page

Woody's Model Engines

Aero Electric: Owner Woody Bartelt manufactures and provides a full line of high quality replacement parts for practically all of the old time ignition engines. Additionally a full line of SAM approved reproduction ignition engines fill out his extensive inventory. Woody's 42 page catalog is well worth the $15.00 catalog price anywhere in USA by First Class Mail Canada and Mexico $16.00 and $22.00 anyplace else. It contains anything you may require to repair or restore that old ignition engine.

Email Woody Bartelt <aeroelectric@charter.net>
3706 North 33 rd Street
Galesburg, Michigan 49053 tel. (269) 665-9693

Blackburn Aero Engineering

Engine Restoration: (Blackburn Aero Engineering)

Don Blackburn a SAM Hall of Fame member, passed away on Friday, April 24th 2009

His Daughter Mo still monitors his email address Condolences can be emailed to his family at glassger@aol.com

Doctor Diesel

Doctor Diesel: Diesels are allowed in certain SAM r/c assist events and considered the same as ignition engines. Eric Clutton supplies a full line of excellent quality P.A.W. diesels. Free price listing to Sammites for an SASE.

Doctor Diesel
Eric Clutton
913 Cedar lane
Tullahoma, Tennessee 37388
(931) 455-2256

Larry Davidson: Larry is a SAM Grand Champion winning top awards in r/c assist and free flight events. He supplies many of the special SAM needs such as; PolySpan covering, a video “How To” on applying PolySpan, spark plugs, high tension leads both for free flight and r/c (with resistor), Ignition coils, solid state ignition units, and many other items necessary to build and get a SAM model airborn. SASE for complete list or visit the website below. See description of new ingnition cut off unit. see list of items for sale here

Email Larry Davidson <samchamp@jetbroadband.com>
66 Casa MIA Circle
Moneta, VA 24121-5307
(540) 721-4563

Kevin Sherman

Kevin Sherman: For Repair and Custom Machine work

Kevin Sherman mailto: <Julykevin$aol.com>
1521 S. Normandy Terrace
Corona, CA 92882-4036

Craig's Engine

Restoration Services

Craig's Engine Restoration Services: Walter Craig specializes in detailed restoration for glow, spark and RC engines. He can remove plier marks and surface scratches, perform repainting, basic cleaning and order and install missing parts. He can make a rusted, pliered-up dirty engine look great again and he offers cylinder plating services for Brown Jr.'s and Bunch engines. He offers references of his past work upon request.

Email Walt Craig <Walter.craig$Carlisle.army.mil>
3664 Smoketown Road
Glenville, PA 17329

Texas Timers

Texas Timers: Hank Nystrom supplies a full line of mechanical engine shut-off timers for the free flighters among us, including dual function models that also actuate the DT. Many models, types and sizes available.

Email Hank Nystrom <txtimer$tn.net>
Texas Timers
3317 pine Timbers Drive
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604
(423) 282-6423

Torpedo Engines & Champion Spark Plugs: Ed Shilen manufactures a full line or excellent quality replicas of the Torpedo .24, .29 and .32 ignition engines. Additionally his SAM legal O.T.19 ignition engine is sweeping all the Class A events. Ed recently acquired a new line of replica Champion model engine spark plugs in sizes V-1, V-2 and V-3. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Email Shilen Aerosports <ed15char$aol.com>
P O Box 1300
205 Metro park Blvd
Ennis, Texas 75120
(972) 875-1442

AeroTech Electronics

AeroTech Electronics: Marvin Stern manufactures electronic ignition switches to replace the unreliable commonly used mechanical ignition switches. The opto isolated switch plugs into a spare receiver channel. This provides an important additional safety feature. The radio must be switched on to run the engine. If signal is lost the engine is shut down. There are two different models, The ESW-1 Electronic Ignition Switch and the IGN-SW Electronic Ignition Unit. Similar to the ESW-1 the IGN-SW incorporates the other elements of the ignition system onto the same mother board. You only need to add a coil and battery to complete the system. Link to New Ignition Producs.

Email Marvin Stern at <IGN-sw$optimum.net>
AeroTech Electronics
7 Abbot Square, Jackson, NJ 08527

Model Engines

Armin de Vries

Model Engines Armin de Vries: Armin de Vries makes original ignition engines and provides special service in the repair and re-manufacture of old engine componets. Armin is based in Germany and can be reached at:-

Email Armin de Vries <modellmotoren$t-online.de>
Wüstener Str. 26
32105 Bad Salzuflen
Tel.: 049 5222 13461 Fax:049 5222 638275
Web Page:-

Building Supplies and Tools Top of this page

Free Flight Supplies
A wealth of materials, equipment. tools, plans and ideas that will help you in your journey through the world of free flight. If you have any thoughts ideas or comments please pass them on to me. Links are provided for this purpose.

Catalogue and Price List

Email Michael Woodhouse <mike$freeflightsupplies.co.uk>

Model Flight

A great site to visit by a modeler, Scott Cannon, who obviously has good taste in R/C Modeling!  Check out his ignition circuit page!

The Grandaddy of them all Tower Hobbies' well-maintained site featuring the best central registry of modeling web sites on the web. Be sure to check their latest additions regularly for new R/C and modeling-related sites from all over the world.

The home of RJL Industries, and source for model engines, including some fine reproductions of the Forster engines made from original castings and now they have added the Cunningham .647 Spark Ignition , the Edco Sky Devil .65 and more. They own the HP line of engines and build under the MECOA name as well. Well worth the occasional stop and check...particularly for Old Timer fliers!! Check them out! 
One of the San Francisco Bay Area's more prominent hobby stores, Sheldon's Hobbies maintains a site with information on the products available through their mail-order company as well as links to other model related sites.
Books and Manuals Top of this page

Zaic Year Books

Zaic Year Books: The 1934, 1937, 1938 and 1939 Nat’s Yearbook are available from Aerodyne and Campbell’s Custom Kits listed in the previous Kits and Supplies category. SIG also carries them.

Anderson's Blue Book ( New-4th edition): The only collector and online auction pricing guide for all American collectible model airplane engines covering 1911 to 2005 ignition, diesel and glow. Contains over 240 pages of antique and collectible engines, more than 1500 engine listings and over 900 pictures(excluding miniature ½ A model engines). More than 30 new manufacturers. Pricing is based on MECA Swap Sheet asking prices and sold at prices from Internet sales.

The various volumes contain old original model magazine ads, articles, pictures, some manufacturers "storybook" catalogs, national championship results, fold out plans, stories, engine introductions, and much, much more!

Email Frank H. Anderson <fvanderson$sympatico.ca>
817- 9 th Line
Innisfel, ON
Canada L9S 3Y2
(705) 436-1970
Website: Andersons Blue Book

David Lloyd-Jones Old Magazines and Books: Collectible used aeromodelling magazines and books bought and sold from 1930 to date

I carry about 5000 used and collectable aeromodelling magazines in stock at any one time from both the UK and the USA, and also other English speaking countries from 1930 to the present day, and also about 500 used books on the subject too!

I supply all over the world, as you will see if you look at my pages.

David Lloyd-Jones
28 Shelley Avenue
Cheshire, CW9 6PH, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1565 73 40 40
Web-page www.magazinesandbooks.co.uk

TailSpin Aviation in St. Elmo, Illinois: Specializing in free flight models and supplies we offer a wide variety of kits for all skill levels. For the beginning modeler check out our selection of easy to build kits, but don't think these kits are just for beginners, seasoned modelers can find much enjoyment in them as well. For the modeler with a little more experience check out our scale or sport models and for the fighter pilot in all of us explore our selection of  War Birds from WW II or the Stealthy F-117. Or you can enjoy the performance and simplicity of a White Wings kit. If your into flapping flight or are just looking for something different check out our ornithopters. They fly by flapping there wings. We also offer a complete line of quality tools and building supplies.

Email TailSpin Aviation <tailspin$tailspinaviation.com>
St. Elmo, Illinois

There are many other sources for old time modeler supplies, replica engines, engine parts and accessory items that appear in every issue of SAM Speaks, the bi-monthly magazine for The Society of Antique Modelers. It would be advisable that you take a few minutes and read over the ads placed in the back of SAM's magazine and send off for a catalog from each of these specialized cottage vendors as they all carry items required in the building and flying of SAM era models.
Electric Flyer Supplies Top of this page

HobbyKing Global Warehouse

Electric Flight in Australia

Supply of Electric Flight products and Information, via my webpage
I have formed partnerships with other people handling electric flight products in Australia, and also import some products. It is my aim to provide a comprehensive service, covering the whole range of products required to fly electrics successfully.
Email Peter at <ppine@northnet.com.au>

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