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SAM 26 Spring Contest at Taft - Mar 25th 2000 Report
Updated 12-Jul-2009
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Spring Contest at Taft Report, Brings Out Great Weather, Good Flying

by Bob Angel

Results Saturday March 25, 2000

Results Sunday March 26th 2000

Once again Taft gave us great shirtsleeve weather, low winds, no dust devils, and a smooth field fairly free of dust. The sheep

had mowed the lawn for the RV’s. Thermals were good and sink was readily available for those who sought out the right areas.


Wes Funk won A glow with his strong running Fox 19 for the second year in a row. Fox engines have often been overlooked and under-rated. We didn't get to hear Dave Lewis' Dooling 61 sing, due I believe to an ignition stutter. And Ed Hamler max'ed out in B ignition with every boy's beginning engine, the O&R 23. And two real ignition engines competed with the diesels in A ignition!

In the airplane department, Ed Hamler flew Dan Carpenter's immaculate Foote Westerner in an impressive duel with Dick Fischer's retracting gear Sailplane. Dan's Westerner has a stretched wing for the flattest glide we've seen in an old timer. Look for others to appear.

In the C ignition flyoff and the Brown Jr. Shootout, the top two times exceeded the winning time for big Texaco. In both cases the first two placers found booming lift where the others missed it.

And Ross Low's Sailwing flying wing glider always commands attention when it's in the air. That high aspect wing looks most graceful during a pass overhead. A flying wing seems to me to be a spooky ship to launch on a high start. I get the feeling that if the towhook location was off by a fraction of an inch, the thing might tumble like a shingle hurled in the wind.

In the tough luck department, there were two off-field excursions that were off field, as in “lost”, with only one recovered as of close of contest. And a spectacular crash was executed midway between the flight line and the parking area. Many pieces. It's considered a courtesy to spectators to execute these in that manner, such that all can see, yet at a respectably safe distance. And when possible, alerting photographers before hand adds a classy touch.

Dick Fischer dutifully recorded my (Bob Angel's) score on my second B ignition flight which fell just 3 seconds short of a max at 6:57. Some good natured banter was passed when I presented the ‘score for posting, but I defended my honest timer. However as they say, what goes around comes around, and within the same hour, I was privileged to time Dick's second flight in the same event at guess what? 6:57! Dick and I are still friends - I think.

Among other celebrations at the Saturday night banquet, we sang happy birthday to event director Hardy Robinson, at age 69. But come next year, whenever the occasion arises, we'll be able to get away with officially calling him an “Old Fart”.

GIMPY LEGS AND BUM KNEES: Jim Bierbauer wasn't able to attend due to a problem he's going through with a badly kinked knee. And Tom Empey showed up with a “crick” in the knee also. And Don Bishop's ankle must be healing as evidenced by his nimble footwork in dodging a hot Bomber landing at the flight line.



Don Barrick,(below-right) SAM 49, returns to the pit area after a successful flight with his "Hayseed," SAM 21's Dave Lewis in the background isn't mourning a loss, just blowing his nose. Weather was beautiful for the entire weekend.

Wes Funk, SAM 27 launches his highly sucessful "A" glow ship powered by a well-conditioned Fox .19. He won the event at this meet.

One of the main reasons Dave Lewis couldn't be mourning in the above photo, was his "Record Breaker" made it on the field. (left) The haze improved on Sunday but no one had any trouble locating the "kitty Litter" plant in the background.

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