19th Annual SAM 26 Spring Season Opener March 2001, at Taft, CA

  Sat. Mar. 24, 2001:                                  Sun. Mar. 25, 2001
Texaco                                               Antique .
1/2A Texaco                                       LER class C glow .
Pure Antique                                      LER class A ign .
LER class C ign.                                 LER class B ign .
LER class A glow                               1/2A Scale .
LER Class B glow                               Electric Texaco .
Electric LMR                                        Ohlsson Special .
O/T R/C Glider                                     Brown Jr LER Shootout.
Triathalon                                            S.O.S. Electric

SCHEDULE: Registration opens 8:00 A.M. each day. Pilots meet 8:30, flying immediately after. Last flight airborne by 4 P.M. Sat., 3 P.M. Sunday. LAZER ENGRAVED TROPHIES for first place for all events. Perpetual trophies and plaques include a Sweepstakes trophy for points gathered in all events flown; the Ron Doig perpetual 1/2A Texaco Trophy; and the "big" Texaco trophy from Templeton Texaco. 2001 AMA and SAM rules will be followed.
ENTRY FEES: $6/event, $36 maximum. That's maximum. Possibly less if attendance is outstanding and the CD is in a good mood. RESTROOM available on the field. Lunch is a minimal four minute drive to Burger King, the Golden Arches, or other fine dining establishments. Inform the Maitre d' you're a SAM member and over 62 for a possible discount. Noon break Saturday to fly O.T. gliders, and on Sunday for the Brown Junior shootout mass launch.
SATURDAY NIGHT BANQUET, at the White Elephant, 7:00 P.M. Buffet
style. We'll check out the new ownership and management. Saturday's awards will be presented.

Contest Director: Hardy Robinson 804 E. Tangerine Ave. Lompoc, Ca. 93436 805-736-8741
Assistant C.D. Bob Angel 1001 Patterson Rd. Santa Maria, CA 93455 805-937-5145



Last SAM rule changes which affected RC were as follows:

      1. Regardless of weight, a ship flown in either Antique event will receive at least the           engine run time it would get in an LER event. This somewhat reduces the drastic           handicap for smaller Antique ships. So if you don't have a big ship, fly your little one.
      2. Antique and Texaco ships may weigh over 7 Lbs., but weight allotments for fuel or           engine run time stops at 7 Lbs. maximum.

SPECIAL EVENTS will be flown as described in the SAM rule book. For O.T. glider, any total time within ± 5 seconds of 20 minutes will be rounded to 20 minutes for flyoff purposes. This helps prevent damage during precision timed landings. A heavy duty hi-start will be provided by contest management.
A flier may use his own launch device, if it's made available for all to use.

SPIRIT OF SAM (S.O.S). Electric ships and rules are described completely in SAM Speaks #141.
FLYOFFS: When contestants are ready, a five minute launch window begins. You may make unlimited launches or attempts during the window, as long as you get in the air before the 5 minutes is up. The CD will make an arbitrary but reasonable decision as to how long to wait for a contestant who is not prepared to fly on time.

TRIATHALON EVENT: This is a trial special event sponsored by Dick Fischer and was concocted by Dick with help from some famous rules advisors such as Eut Tileston and others.
        TASK #1: LER FLIGHT. 25 second run time, 7 min. max, 2 attempts for 1 official.
        TASK #2: FUEL ALLOTMENT FLIGHT. Use same airplane, engine, prop, fuel, no mods.                         between flights. Fuel allotment, 2cc per lb., 7 min. max, 2 attempts for 1                         official.
        TASK#3: ADDED TIME AWARD for any of the following features:

                      a. Original ignition minute, (ONE MINUTE)
                      b. Actual pre-war engine (ONE MINUTE)
                      c. Unusual/difficult feature: Tailless, one wheel, twin tails, V tail, low wing,                           bipe, canard, gull wing, pusher, multi-engine (ONE MINUTE)
                      d. Only model of it's type entered in any event of the meet (ONE MINUTE)
                      e. Only engine of it's type entered in any event of the meet (ONE MINUTE)
                      F. Entry is Concourse winner of the meet (TWO MINUTES)

                      2. Timer to verify fuel allotment for task #2
                      3. Timer to verify "additional" features for Task 3.
                      4. Top two places will be weighed.

ENGINES AND EQUIPMENT: Please respect the rules for unmodified engines for the Brown Jr., Ohlsson and 1/2A events. Your ball bearing O&R front end can be used in LER, but not in the O&R Special events. Be your own policeman, it promotes good will.

Radios: Anyone possessing frequency "quick change", (dial-a-crash) radios, please report to the C.D. for special counseling before flying. Per FCC rules, old wide band transmitters have not been legal since early 1998. Anyone flying on HAM frequencies is required to have a valid HAM license in their immediate possession.

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