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Covering Basics
Updated 28-Dec-2018
Gary Phillips - Why does Tissue Shrink When Wet - SAMTalk
SAMTalk - Covering With Polyspan
David Mills - Covering with LW Polyspan - Feb 2010
Karl Gies -Tissue Over Mylar All You Need to Know - Nov 2009
Myers and Baer - Polyspan Covering - Jan 2006
Tony Tomlin - Covering with Tissue Over Mylar
Comet Kit Manufacturers Guide- Tissue Covering Guide 1930-40's
New England Work group - Tissue Over Mylar - Nov 2009
Ramon Alban - Covering With Silk Using the Maniscus Method
Covering Weights a Comparison Table
Bob Munn Covering Model Planes With Silk - Model Aviation, Oct 1993
Charlie Reich - The Art of Covering a Model Airplane in Silk - Nov 2007
Jack Jella - Covering With Silk The Easy Way - SS Jan-Feb 2006
Jim Adams - Silk Application to Model Airplanes - 1985
Ward and Hampshire - Silking a Model Art Form - Flying Models, Oct 1993
A Weight Comparison of Some Lightweight Coverings
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