Engine Basics
Updated 31-Aug-2020
From SAM 43 Italy A lengthy treatise on ignition systems
Jim Hainen - Purchacing and Running the Brown Jr.
WHAM News Letter January 2010 Cox Engines and Caster Oil Gumming
Hank Nystrom - A Fuel Pressure Bladder System
Uniflow Tank Operating basics - Uniflow CL Tank Barton Model Flying Club
Tandy Walker - Laser Cut Gaskets May 2007
David Larkin The Point Fives; Britain's equivalent to the 'Half A's - by David Larkin In 1950 and the late 40s, Britain had had a few tiny engines, like the Kalper 0.32cc an, but the revolution came with the Allbon Dart 0.5cc in 1951.d the 'K' 0.2cc

From Charlie Reich - The Super Tigre engine team outside their "Bologna factory" in 1957. World 2.5cc U/C Speed Champion, Amato Prati with ST boss Jaures Garofali. See the original plans for Prati's model on an excellent Italian vintage model magazine website. Click here for the specifcations for all Super Tigre engines from 1949 to 1960.
Charlie Bruce - Old Engine Analysis Index lists locations in SAMSpeaks
Trevor Boundy - Engine Timing Degree Wheel, 7inch diameter jpg
Dave Harding - Forster 99 Test Review from MAN 1955 - Dec 2105
Ed Hamler - Airtronics 2.4GHz FHSS A Review in regard to ignition interference
Bob Angel - Ignition Engines Readying Used Engines - Ignition Timing - (posted nov2016)
Source unknown Elf Manual
Charlie Reich - Champion V Series of Plugs for Vintage Engines
Tandy Walker - Ignition HT Lead Construction
Charlie Reich - Gas engine Trouble Shooting - from Air Trails Model Annual 1943
Trevor Boundy - Alternative Inductive Resistor-Less Lead - Terminations of lead
Charlie Reich - Ignition Fuel for the 21st Century
Jack Hinner - Refurbishing Old Diesel Fuel
Bob Ange - Trouble Shooting Spark Ignition
Charlie Bruce - Troubleshooting - Ignition
Roy Bourke Trouble Shooting Ignition Systems
Adrian Duncan - The ED Story in collaboration with Ron Chernich
Ian McQueen - Diesel Engine Basics by Ian McQueen
Air Trails Mod. Man. 1943 Gas Engine Trouble Shooting
Marv Stern - Electronics and Ignition
Larry Davidson - Ignition Basics
Charlie Reich - Ignition Fuel for the 21st Century
Bob Angel - Readying Used Engines Ignition Timing
Bill Bickel - Index of Charlie Bruce's Old Engine Analyisis
Elia 6 Engine and its Replica
Hank Nystrom Pressurised Fuel Bladder System
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