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Updated 31-Aug-2020
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Date/Link Location Description
2015 May Hummel/Works Air Field, near Dayton, OH, USA. date, 21 pics Taken by Dave Kern
2013 August May's Landing, New Jersy, USA. 15 pictures Taken by Rosalie, and her son Mike Salvador Junior.
2011 Perris 3 pictures From Kevin Sherman
2010 Feb Air Trails Model Annual 1943 One page, The Cross Bow Launch (HL glider) from Charlie Reich
2010 April 18 Bendigo RCAC, Haddon Vic, Aus. 22 pictures Texaco and Duration (LER)
2009 May Old Warden England 11 pics + Pics and words from John Foster
2009 March Life Magazine 1938-7 pics + Pics and copy of Report from Life 1938 from Charlie Reich
2009 Jan 17-18-19 Dade City Florida-37 pics Florida Winter-Fly SAM R/C Contest by Charles Reich
2009 Apr 3-4 Toledo Show 6 pics Stu Warner SAM39 Winning Model plus more, pics by Bucky Walter
2008 Oct AMA Muncie-71 pics SAM Champs pics from Steve Roselle
2008 Oct AMA Muncie-21 pics SAM Champs pics from Dohrm Crawford (sorry abt Delay Dohrm)
2008 Oct AMA Muncie-46 pics SAM Champs pics from George Shacklett
2007 Oct Henderson-36 pics An AUS view of champs and other stuff
2006 Traralgon, Victoria, Aust-14 pics Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan workshop pics